“(Bobbie) Eakes, Sorsa and (Dale) Dickey balance subtle humor with striking authenticity.” –LA Times
“Sorsa navigates the role of Bethany with likability and strength.” - Stage Raw
“...thanks to the charisma, vocal prowess and mesmerizing acting of Rachel Sorsa as Rosemary Clooney.” –The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 
“Sorsa is a liquid gold vision who could have easily stepped off a pedestal from inside the Getty’s walls. Dramatic, emphatic, and with a sultry singing voice that wraps itself around the composer’s jazzy arrangements in honey-filled waves, she is every bit the feisty goddess.” –Musicals in LA
“Ceasless vitality.” –LA Times
“Rachel Sorsa…plays the anguished Bella to perfection, her face convoluted in terror, the epitome of a tortured soul. Then, just as definitively, she glows in the few moments when she senses any compassion, tenderness or hope.” –San Gabriel Valley WEEKLY 
“Rachel Sorsa, a veteran of the plays of Del Shores, wears her slinky pearl cocktail dress like a second skin and summons tears to her anguished blue eyes with real star quality, her Helen is…a genuine “it girl’." –Backstage 
“Sorsa is beautiful to look at and full of compassion, making her Helen a convincing victim of circumstance, whether she is lying or not.” – BroadwayWorld 
“Sorsa commands the stage (her) Helen is statuesque and accomplished, a beauty in a golden dress, worn down by uncertainty and time.” –Cultural Weekly
“...a memorable performance…Sorsa’s glowing, glamorous, tormented, tempestuous turn in the title role. And wait till you hear Sorsa’s torchy, heartbreaking rendition of “Find Your Way Home.” Talk about star power!” –StageScene LA
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